Recioto della Valpolicella DOCG Classico

Alcohol: 12.5% vol.

Area of Production: Region: Veneto. Classic area of Valpolicella north of Verona. Hills of the villages of Negrar, Valgatara and Fumane.

Grapes: Produced in extremely limited quantities only in the best years from the best red grapes of Valpolicella ( 50% Corvina, 40% Rondinella and 10% of others red grapes) which dry out in cases until late winter and are traditionally vinified in January-February.

Soil composition:: Argillaceous and calcareous grounds of glacial and alluvial origin.

Vinification and Production System: Soft pressing, slow fermentation (that can last also some months) at controlled temperature (22-23°C.) until the right balance between sugar and alcohol is obtained, preservation in thermoconditioned inox tanks, cold bottling in sterile bottling line.

Organoleptic Description: Dessert wine, sweet, full-bodied and fruity.

Color: Dark brick ruby red.

Bouquet: Aromatic, fresh, intense and fruity.

Taste: Aromatic, fresh, intense and fruity.

Serving Temperature: To be served at room temperature (18-19°C.).

Preservation: The wine can be aged for several years without any problem. Store in a fresh, dry and dark place.

Gastronomic Suggestions: Vino da fine pasto, si accompagna egregiamente con biscotti e dolci. Una degustazione lenta e prolungata vi farà apprezzare pienamente il dolce sapore e gli aromi di questo straordinario prodotto, da molti definito ?il vino delle signore?.

Total acidity:5.50 g/l
Sugar:149.00 g/l
Total SO2:

96 mg/l

Free SO2:22 mg/l
Net dry extract:33.0 g/l
Total acidity:0.60 g/l