Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva

Area of Production: : Hilly area on the eastern shore of the lake.

Olives : Olives from our olive groves grown among our vineyards.

Soil composition: Gravelly grounds of morainic origin.

Production : Cold pressed.

Organoleptic Description: : Delicate aroma, full and fruity taste, with very low acidity.

Color: : Green tending to yellow.

Bouquet: : Delicate.

Taste: : Full and fruity taste, with very low acidity (less than 0.2%).

Serving Temperature: : Room temperature.

Preservation: : Store in a cool, dry and dark place.

Gastronomic Suggestions: : Recommended for dressing first courses, vegetables and all kinds of dishes.

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For those who are looking for the maximum of wholesomeness and originality. It is an oil produced with our own fresh olives growing in our vineyards, and squeezed cold. Of delicate perfume and of full body taste it is the best you could use to season pasta, vegetables and main dishes. Delicious also just with some bread. It is a real specialty of limited production.