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01.01.2024 – 31.12.2024


 from 7 PM

Taste the Italian cooking tradition at Restaurant “Al Cardellino”: the new 2024 Lenotti Menu.

Enjoy a fantastic 4-course dinner at the top restaurant “Al Cardellino”, far away from the busy tourist crowds, accompanied by four excellent wines selected by Claudio Lenotti together with Nicola Modena – the maitre of “Al Cardellino” – for this exclusive menu.

What makes the menu at the restaurant “Al Cardellino” so special?

It will be unforgettable, not only because the courses have been prepared with care, passion and expertise, but also because of the amazing ingredients, like the rich of taste “Scottona carpaccio”, the pastas “foglie di ulivo” and the “tagliatelle” (strictly homemade and bronze-drawn pasta, made with the same machine that Dino, Nicola’s uncle, was using from 1963) and the succulent beef fillet “tagliata” and the delicious final dessert “sfoglia della casa al mascarpone”.

But we don’t want to give too much away. Just one thing:

This menu has been created just for friends of Lenotti wines and is only offered here, exclusively and at a friendship price just for you.

You can already reserve a table for the Lenotti menu at “Al Cardellino” here today. Simply fill out the form at the bottom of this page and enter your desired date for the Lenotti menu. Even same day reservations are possible if a table is available.

The restaurant “Al Cardellino” naturally responds to vegetarians and vegans - as well as to any intolerances to certain ingredients - with an adapted menu. Please indicate this when making your reservation under “comments”.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail within the next few days.

The Lenotti menu is easily paid for at the restaurant with most common credit cards.

And this is how the exclusive menu looks for our Lenotti friends, including water:

1.) CARPACCIO DI SCOTTONA CON MOUSSE AL GORGONZOLA, CHIPS DI PATATE DOLCI E CUORE DI SEDANO: an explosive start with a classic dish full of flavor, served with a fresh glass of our special rosé wine “Decus Chiaretto Classico Lenotti”.

2.) TAGLIATELLE CON SUGO DI CINGHIALE DELLA LESSINIA E FOGLIE D’ULIVO ALLA CONTADINA: the meal continues with two delicious first courses, served on a single plate and accompanied by a glass of our flavorful red wine "Le Olle Lenotti".

3.) TAGLIATA DI FILETTO DI MANZO CON MONTE VECCHIO, POMODORINI DATTERO E RUCOLA, PATATE AL FORNO: let’s move on to a unique and extraordinary meet course, very tasty and enriched by grilling, accompanied by our exclusive and rich red wine "Lenotti Massimo Veneto IGT Rosso".

4.) SFOGLIA DELLA CASA AL MASCARPONE:an end with a touch of sweetness with the "must" of desserts: a simple and delicious dessert that will conquer you at the first taste, accompanied by a fruity red dessert wine: our "Lenotti Recioto della Valpolicella DOCG Classico".

5.) CAFFÈ and LIMONCELLO or GRAPPA DI AMARONE from Cantine Lenotti

We wish you “Buon appetite”, and are sure that you’ll spend a wonderful and unforgettable evening, experiencing the flavors of the local ingredients our beautiful area offers, together with a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Claudio Lenotti and his friend Nicola agreed on a very special price for this 4-course menu. Remember that this price is exclusively reserved for Lenotti & Friends members and can only be booked here! Don’t go to “Al Cardellino” without booking here on our website, otherwise you won’t find this menu there!

Please notice that “Al Cardellino” is closed on Tuesdays.

P.S.: Claudio Lenotti loves having dinner at “Al Cardellino”, so it’s possible for you to meet him sometimes there and talk about your dinner experience.


Ristorante Locanda Al Cardellino, Via Pralesi, Bardolino, Verona, Italia


Exclusive and only for Lenotti & Friends: 75 € / p.P.

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