“Vigna Le Giare” Collezione Chiaretto di Bardolino DOC Classico

Alcohol: 12% vol.

Area of Production: Region: Veneto. Vineyard “Le Giare” in Bardolino, in the hilly classic area on the eastern shores of Lake Garda.

Grapes: Produced in limited quantities from red grapes Corvina (60%), Rondinella (30%) and others (10%). System of growing: espalier.

Soil composition: Gravelly ground (from which derives the name “Le Giare” that means translation “the stones”) of morainic origin.

Vinification and Production System: Separate vinification of the grapes of the vineyard “le giare” with soft pressing, short maceration with the skins (16-24 hours), fermentation at controlled temperature (15-16°C.), preservation in thermoconditioned inox tanks, cold bottling in sterile bottling line.

Organoleptic Description: Dry rose wine, light, fruity and aromatic, the result of the best selection of grapes of our vineyard.

Color: Rose.

Bouquet: Fruity, delicate with aroma of peach-blossom.

Taste: Fresh, dry, pleasant and vivacious.

Serving Temperature: To be served cold at 8-10°C.

Preservation: To be drunk young. Store in a fresh, dry and dark place.

Gastronomic Suggestions: Wine for the whole meal, ideal for hors d’oeuvre, light dishes, grilled fish and pizza.

Total acidity:5.80 g/l
Sugar:8.00 g/l
Total SO2:

96 mg/l

Free SO2:31 mg/l
Net dry extract:22.3 g/l
Volatile acidity:0.22 g/l
“Le Giare” is the name of the vineyard where the grapes used for this special red wine are grown in very limited quantities. “Le Giara” means “the big stone” in our local dialect. So “Le Giare” is “the vineyard of the big stones”. This name comes from the fact that millions of years ago there was a river in this area, which flowed from the hills to the lake. The river still exists, but today it is much smaller and has left many large round stones behind, which are still used to build walls. In our vineyard, all the retaining walls are actually built with our own stones… or better…. with our own “giare”!