New red wine “VALSORDA”

New red wine “VALSORDA”

We are pleased to inform our customers about a new wine: our “Valsorda”. This new red wine was born from the idea to offer a wine for the market, with a special high quality, following “Lenotti style”.

The wine is basically produced (80%) with the most famous and typical red grape of our area, Corvina, combined with smaller percentage (totally 20%) of different native grapes from us directly produced that help in terms of color, structure and softness.

The grape production includes an over maturation of the grapes (8-10 days) and therefore a complete and intense maturation of the fruit.

It is an “important” red wine, even if not too heavy, not stored in wood, that will be surely appreciated for the intense color, the soft fruitiness and its full unique taste.

VALSORDA is the name of the valley (VAL in Italian is a short way to say VALLEY) where Lenotti family is today living and there is one of the most famous Lenotti vineyards.

Another important element is our decision to use an “eco friendly” bordolese bottle with a reduced weight (360 gr), and therefore reduced environmental impact and lower transport and disposal costs.

The first bottles of “Valsorda 2011” will be officially presented and tasted during next Prowein and it will be naturally possible to taste it during next Vinitaly 2013.