An unique opportunity...

...your Amarone barrel

An unique opportunity...

...your Amarone barrel

The exclusive offer “Lenotti & Friends”

Become the owner of the content of a 300 liter barrel of our future
exceptional 2023 vintage of our future Amarone della Valpolicella Docg Classico.

You will receive an elegant ownership certificate
and a photo of your barrel. The certificate with your name
(or your company name) will hang on the barrel during
the entire aging period (at least 3 years).

During the aging period you can visit us,
"meet" your barrel and taste your wine.

At the end of the aging, we will bottle
your wine and you will finally receive your bottles.
You can choose between 0.750 liter bottles (300 liters = 400 bottles)
or 1.50 liter bottles in single wooden case (300 liters = 200 magnum).

Bottles will be numbered and will present the exclusive "Lenotti & Friends" label.
If you like, on back label we will print your name,
the total produced quantity and there will be space for your personalized sentence
to make each single bottle “unique” and truly "yours".

Here is how your bottle will look like

Photos and Video of Lenotti Ambassadors already trying this experience

Info and costs

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Lenotti Amarone barrel owner.