Pinot Grigio delle Venezie DOC “Collezione Famiglia Lenotti”

Pinot Grigio “Lenotti Family Collection” is a unique wine. You won't always find it available. Only the best vintages, which we judge as perfect, will see the birth of this wine. We are extremely rigorous in our production choices and we just want to offer you the best.

It is born, after a careful manual selection of the bunches, from the exceptional Pinot Grigio grape produced in our vineyard "Le Coste", a vineyard of only 3 hectares from the soil of volcanic origin and with a perfect exposure to the south-southeast and well ventilated. The particular soil and the exclusive microclimate give this wine a truly unique aroma and taste that make it a great white wine among the best representatives of our particular selection "Lenotti Family Collection".

Maximum production is about 1,000 bottles, individually numbered for each vintage. Will you be able to find your favorite bottle number?