Health and Environment


“Mens sana in corpore sano”, for all conscientious winemakers can mean only “healthy grapes in a healthy environment”.

Like all successful companies that have been active for decades and want to continue to do so in the future, we have always set up our production cycle looking for high quality in our wines and the efficiency of our production processes, with the utmost respect of the environment in which we operate, always upholding the environmental sustainability of the processes and the “socially” aspects useful for all those who participate in the work processes.

Quality, health, safety and environmental protection are undoubtedly the objectives that must underlie every company choice. Air, water, energy and land must therefore be managed as a whole, in full integration and correlation, always having the utmost respect for the natural and working environment.

Our goal is to maintain and improve the quality of our products through a production cycle that respects the four fundamental elements …

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Another fundamental aspect for us is the genuineness of our products and respect for the fruit that mother nature offers us. For this purpose we use the most advanced production technologies, all aimed at improving the wholesomeness and originality of our wines and the elimination of every chemical product or agent in production processes. With these objectives, we have set up vanguard vinification, conservation and bottling plants. Each processing step is performed with the utmost respect for wine and, through innovative processes such as controlled fermentation at low temperature, tartaric stabilization through electrodialysis and cold bottling in a sterile line, we have managed to minimize the addition of sulfur dioxide, an indispensable element in small quantities for the preservation of wine avoiding oxidation.

Thanks to the tireless and skilful work of Giancarlo Lenotti, expert and fine connoisseur of these aspects, thanks to our attention on cultivating our vines in a healthy way and respecting the environment that surrounds them, and thanks to our cutting-edge technologies, we can say that the results that we have achieved, in terms of genuineness and quality of our wines, are sensational.

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